Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Are Such a Joy To Me

Good morning's post is extra special.  Today, my baby turns 22.  Happy Birthday, Jake!! No, it's not sweet 16 or legal age 19 (in Canada) or even legal age 21 in the States.  He's now the age I was when I had him, so he's exactly half my age now.  I love his birthday for the obvious reasons, he's my son...but it always takes me back to the day I had him, a cold Monday at college during the last week of classes then off to a bit of Christmas shopping all the while with a bit of back pain...hehehe.  As many of my blog friends know, he is my greatest joy.  I won't go into the whole long story, but wanted to share the card I made for him.  It's almost an exact duplicate of the one I made during my Verve Guest Diva stint in August. The original one was part of my Blog Candy to celebrate the Verve Release (Heidi has it now! hehe).  I also wanted to share a few photos of Jake, from the very beginning until recently...
 About a day old in the hospital...the cloth diapers they used were too big!! LOL  He was 5 lbs, 11 ozs and 19 inches long :)
 A young, brunette (!) mom.  I could not hold him enough, he was a perfect little baby and very cuddly.
 First day of kindergarten. He was so excited with his Ninja Turtle backpack :)
 Highschool graduation in 2006.  I was/am waiting for the next graduation this coming June from Engineering :D
And this last one you've seen before, but I love it.  Jake and I as we get ready to head off to my wedding.  He walked down the aisle before me, something I had always dreamed of....a very special moment in my life imprinted on my heart :)  Thanks for joining me in my little trip down memory lane.  Have a wonderful Sunday...what are you celebrating today?


Lynn said...

Oh Maureen...I love these pictures of Jake...melts my heart. My Ryan was 5 lb 15 oz...little like your Jake too and now look at extremely handsome young man. Happy Birthday to Jake and a job very well done for you! Love his card too!!

Aimes said...

Awwww...what lovely pics, Diva! Happy Birthday to Jake too!!!
Y'just know I adore this card don't ya - totally screams out me! I almost thought it was the one during your Guest Diva at first!

Melisa Hunter said...

What wonderful memories, Maureen! Happy Birthday to you, Jake, if you are reading this!


Heidi said...

Wonderful walk down memory lane. Things are getting better but still very different in our house without him home. It has been fabulous this long weekend with Thanksgiving! I can't wait, 2 1/2 weeks and he will be home for like 3 weeks.
Love the card of course (wink!)

Marisa said...

Loving the card and the pictures! My daughter was 5 lbs 13 oz and tiny!! I almost disappeared in my arms she was so small. Love the kindergarten picture and I think that wedding picture is one of my favorites too. Happy Birthday, Jake and congrats to you mommy for doing such a wonderful job raising him. I know you'll be beaming, so proud and shedding a tear when he walks across that stage to get his diploma :)

Tracey said...

TFS!! Maureen...Fantastic card for your son, I am sure he will love it!!

TannyP said...

Too sweet! You two are adorable together - your pride in him is always radiating from your photos and posts about him. Every time I see a joy card, I think of you two =)

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