Sunday, May 4, 2014

Garage Sale Rained Out!

Hey!  To all my local friends who came up to our Community Garage Sale in the pouring rain!  You are braver than I!  All week long I was hoping the weather forecast would be wrong, but no such luck :(  With the pouring rain/ snow flurries we were having at 8:00 am I made the executive decision to stay inside and do homework.  I noticed it was very slow this year in our huge community and was so sad the weather did not cooperate like it usually does.  Heck, I had a sunburn last year!

I missed seeing you all and sharing my "treasures" with you!  I did have cards, paper, and new and gently used stamp sets already to put out.  If you still want to come by this week in the evening, I'd be more than happy to let you look and buy.  Just email me at and we can arrange something!


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