Monday, February 18, 2013

Guests in Da Studio ~ Part 2!

Hi everyone!  Well, I can finally share my next installment of “Guest in the Studio"!”  My sister and her family stayed with us this Christmas and we had so much fun with a full house :)  Lots of coffee, dessert for breakfast, wine and cozy times by the fire were had!   I introduced my sister’s kids, my youngest niece and nephew, here on the blog last summer on THIS POST HERE.  They have come to love making cards in my studio so it was a must this time seeing as they were staying with us.  It didn’t take long for the creative juices to flow.  I had asked them to think of the person(s) that wanted to make a card for.  One of my older nephews got engaged Christmas morning so Jack wanted to make an engagement card complete with a photo them.  Lucky for him/me I’ve done photo cards before! So we lifted a picture of the happy couple off of Facebook!
Here’s Jack picking the perfect spot for the heart button :)  Meanwhile, Ava was working on a card meant for her mom (at least at the time it was!).
Ava knows what she likes as soon as she sees it.  She had definite ideas of what she wanted on her card including these two hot pink flowers.
And here are the proud card makers!
And, of course, one with Aunt Moe :)
Do you have guests in your studio!?  I’d love to hear about them!  Thanks for being virtual guest in da studio!  LOL  Be sure to come back tomorrow for some Verve Sneaky Peeks!  Yes, there’s a new release just around the corner! Woohoo!
p.s. My nephew and his fiancée LOVED the card!  In fact, my nephew said his future MIL said her handmade card was out done by a 10 year old! LOL


Lynn said...

Marcel was crafting with me yesterday. He LOVES his teacher this year. He stamped a picture for her and then immediately wanted to take it to her. Doesn't quite realize she isn't there all the time! I said, "buddy, she's not at school today." His reply, "She said she had LOTS of meetings." They had an in service day Friday!

Love your niece and nephews cards. They need to teach me how to do tilted panels. They are absolutely fabulous!

Marjolein said...

Gorgeous kids and very creative too!!
Love their cards!
I sometimes have my niece of 12 to visit my studio and we have lots of fun too.
My daughter and her best friend like to colour up some stamped images and make cards with them.

Love your blog and try to visit you every day.

Bye from the Netherlands,


Marianne said...

I guess the talent runs in the family. Love the cards.

Vicki Dutcher said...

I am impressed! Both of them did really good! Talent in the family!! :)

Barb said...

Wow! What a special post, Maureen! Looks like you had such a fun day with your niece and nephew! LOVE both their cards!

Aimes said...

What wonderful, creative guest to have in your studio, Diva! The creative flair is most definitely genetic methinks...! :)
Oh how I'd love to be a guest in your studio, or even have you as a guest in mine. I've never had guests over to play...I have room in the new place though so there's an open invite to ya!
P.S I love that you *still* have my mitten card up there! :)

Marisa said...

What a good aunt you are :) Remember when they camem last year. Loving their creations! Sure they look forward to their time of creating every time they visit :)

Andrea M said...

Aw, that's awesome Moe! Love the guests and their gorgeous creations!

Hope all's well! We've had to dig out a couple of times but not too bad a winter so far :)

Kristina said...

I see the crafty gene runs in the family! Goodness, both cards are GREAT! I'm quite impressed. How fun to have some guests in your studio. A friend of mine and I are working on getting together one of these days. :)

Helen F. said...

Oh how fun! Love your niece and nephew's card making creativity...taking after Aunt Moe for sure :)

Dianne said...

What a fantastic post,, its lovely to see the children get into card making and good cards they did make, thanks so much for sharing...

Suzanne said...

Maureen, this made me smile! They are so cute and I bet they had so much fun crafting with you!

TannyP said...

Holy moly! Those crafty genetics are kicking butt :) Fabulous cards!

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