Sunday, February 24, 2013

Look Out World! (and a Giveaway!)

Hey friends!  I have a super fun post this morning!  I’m sure few, if any, of you followed the Canadian Junior Women’s Curling (hand up, though, if you did! LOL).  We here in Kamloops sure did as our hometown girls sailed through the round robin and WON the championship that sees them travel to Russia this weekend to compete at the World’s Junior Women’s Championship.  Here’s our team consisting of these sweet and awesome 17 year olds…
teamcanada AND here’s our first hometown team that won 31 years ago…Team Plut (my sister from Texas!).  I went with them and turned Sweet 16 in Winnipeg!  It was impossible to find the photo on the internet so it’s been scanned from the original that hangs in my parents’ home on the family wall.  That’s my sister on the far left.  They look a little exhausted! LOL
Okay, back to this card…one of our Teacher on Calls, who enjoys buying my cards at work, approached me this past week asking if I make commissioned cards.  Yes, if I can :)  She told me she knows one of the players on our Team Canada and was wanting to give her a card before she left for Russia.  Well, she asked the perfect person! LOL  I’m a devoted curling fan AND my sister won the same championship 31 years ago!  LOVE the connection!  I’m telling you, I had SO much fun creating this card!  I was in that zone where the creative juices were flying and the smile never left my face.  I knew I was going to use Dawn’s sentiment from her Signature Greetings set, but when I found the “Look Out World” stamp in Verve’s To the Moon, I shrieked in delight!  How perfect is that?  I bet these ladies never dreamed their stamps would be used for a curling card! LOL Are you still with me?  Okay, here are the giveaway deets.  In honour of our Kamloops girls heading off to the World’s Junior Curling Championship, let’s have a little stamp giveaway.  I’ve got 4 fun and whimsical sets from Clearly Besotted Stamps to giveaway (see stamps below). 

All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me the 3 curling references on my card (the Canadian ribbon and Look Out World are not included).  I’ll pick a winner next Sunday around noon.  Please make sure I can contact you or come back next Sunday to see if you are the lucky winner.  The winner has 3 days to contact me or I’ll pick a new one. 

Good luck and good luck, Team Canada!

p.s.  I showed my sister the card and she found the references in 5 seconds! LOL  She’s still got it!  


what’s in it?

stamps: Verve To the Moon, PTI Signature Greetings

ink: Versafine onyx

paper: pti white, red, su ballet blue

accessories: lil inkers stitched banner, spellbinders circle dies, Michaels ribbon, gems, embossing folders, button, bakers twine, lace doily

stamps in the Giveaway: Dino-Mite dino_mite_copyright_large
Funny Farm
Under the Sea
Wizard Owen


Marianne said...

Love your card and story. As for the references to curling on your card, I can only say I recognise the blue/whithe/red/white circles from the picture. I guess it's because in my entire life I have see maybe up to 5 minutes of curling on television. Don't even know if there are any Dutch teams competing internationally.

KimCreate said...

Hi, know nothing about curling, I'll guess its the blue,white and red logo thing, the embossed dots cuz they are round, and the button?
Adorable story and the card is super fab, your friend is gonna jump for joy.

Oma said...
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Oma said...

Glad I'm married to a curler - here are my 3 guesses - button, house & rock. Congratulations to the Jr. Women's Curling Team!! Let's hope they "sweep" to a gold medal! Go hard ladies!!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Oh this post does make me smile... Love the historical connection, the world is so small. Well you've got the circle part right, love the idea of the button as part of the card... and for the 3rd thing? The colors?

Jenny said...

Cool card- love the Canadian look, as I am Albertan :D I think your curling references are the circles and colours- I think they are called the 'house', the button, and maybe the rhinestones symbolizing the 'rocks' or ice? Great job!!!!
I love that you always feature patriotic cards!!

Sabrina said...

Congratulations girls. I hope you win it all!! My three guess is The button, The word rock, and the red and blue stamped rings.
Love your card it is wonderful and so are the pictures!!

Marisa said...

Eeeeekkkk!!! This is simply FABULOUS, Moe!! Oh. My. Word! They definitely found the right woman to make the card! LOVE this! It SCREAMS Canadian curling!

How totally amazing that your sister won that same championship years ago! Was happy I was able to pick her out too LOL! No wonder you are an avid curling fan! Do you curl too? I have only once and I played zamboni the first time I shot LOL!

Three items: The "Rock" reference", the "house" (aka: the rings), the button and the embossed dots could be the pebbled ice.

Colorado Crafter said...

What a great card!!! Congrats to your team!!! OK... 3 references to curling: one is the target, another is the word "rock" in your sentiment (the stones used in the game are also called rocks) and the third is your button since the center of the "house" or target is known as the button.

OK... no other commenters are allowed to copy my answers1! LOL!! I didn't read any other comments... it's only fair.

Taheerah said...

Okay I know nothing about curling lol, so I'm just going to say I love this card!!

Christina said...

I'm completely clueless about curling, but your card is so incredibly fun and the story behind it even more intriguing! What a great connection for you. I can see why you had a ball making this fantastic card!

Lynn said...

I could have picked your sister out of the line up! The Plut eyes are there for sure! And you are going to be asked to make a whole line of cards for the Curling team as fabulous as this card is. Truly amazing! I don't know anything about curling but thought the bullseye, the gems are for the ice and the buttons for the puck? Not sure! Seriously fabulous!

Christine said...

What a lovely memory and a great reason to celebrate! I must confess that I had to turn to Google to learn about curling, but it was fun. Here are the references:
1. The "target" element is the house
2. The button represents the center of the house, also called the button.
3. Players use granite rocks, perhaps represented by the shiny bling on your card.
4. The clean white background might represent ice on which the game is played.

So glad you can cheer on the local girls with such a beautiful and appropriate card!

Heidi said...

I used to love watching curling, never got the entire context of how the people with the brooms could help the "rock" find its way to the "house" So here are my referrence thoughts:
1. the target (house)
2. stones (rock)
3. center of house (button)
but also think I could consider
4. pebbles of water (embossing)

LOL- what a great story, congrats to your sister and to this years team! Love the card.

Melisa Hunter said...

Hi Maureen,

Love this story! So fitting for you to make this card! Great card! I'm sure she'll love it. Which curler is getting it? I can add a little something to the connection: 3 of the girls were in my grade 6 class 7 years ago. They are incredible young women!

Here are my guesses:

1. Bling for the rock.
2. Button for the button!
3. 3 circles for the house.

I'd like to watch some of these games. I'll be getting in touch with you to find out the schedule!
Have a good week!

@JoyceCasaldi said...

I was thinking rock for you rock, girly for girls and the target pattern for the target?

Sarah Gough said...

what an awesome story! How cool that you have a connection to the first winning team and now someone on the new team will have one of your cards! I LOVE the design too! "theme" cards can be...not so pretty...but this is AWESOME!

Unknown said...

Great story! 3 references: the bulleye (house), the button, and the rocks (bling)

Jacquie Southas said...

Love your curling story - brings back great memories of being talked into joining the UVic curling club as a complete novice many years ago.
Your card is all about curling - the house, the button on the button (my fav detail!) and the "rock" reference! Do I get bonus points for saying I cried when I heard Sandra Schmirler died?

Suzanne said...

I have no clue but you are just so cute!!!

Karen Day said...

Cutest card ever, Maureen! I can see the rings (house), the button, and the 'rock' reference! Do you know how many of these cards you could sell at a bonspeil?

kanatanewf said...

You were definitely destined to make this card. As for the curling references, being a Canadian myself, they weren't too hard. The "house", the "button" and the "rock" of course.

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