Friday, October 11, 2013

Sleep is Good, but Books are Better

Happy Friday everyone!  Today’s card is a special one I made for a special parent I had last year.   I’ve mentioned her before here on the blog…the one that lent me her books and/or recommended great reads to me.  She was so sweet and had me READING good literature for FUN again :)  What a priceless gift.  She knew just what books I would like and after a few heavy ones, gave me the Twilight series for “a light summer read.”  I never jumped on the Twilight bandwagon when it started many years ago and purposely stayed away from the movies…but guess what?  I feel in love with the characters and love story.  So much so, that it took me a while to get into another book.  I watched each movie as I finished each book and thoroughly enjoyed them as well :)  No, I’m not an “Edward” groupie, but I did love them as a couple :)  So I’m giving the books back to this mom and knew just what kind of thank you card I wanted to make.  A bookmark card with the Clearly Besotted Book Worm stamp set.  I just adore this sentiment and curved it slightly so it would fit onto the Basic Banner die.  Here’s a look at the bookmark…
Could those little book worms be any cuter sitting together on that library tag?  I’ll fill in her name on the front pocket as well to make it perfectly personalized :)  Hey!  It’s our Thanksgiving Day long weekend!  We are heading to a family wedding so be sure to stop in tomorrow as I celebrate Kurt and Dayle’s nuptials :)  Have a great start to YOUR weekend as well!  I LOVE FRIDAYS!
stamps and dies: Clearly Besotted Book Worm, Basic Banners, PTI library card, tag #5


Lynn said...

I love the adorable bookworm! What a great card with which to return the books. Classy and adorable at the same time. Have a great time at the wedding!

Tracey McNeely said...

Fantastic card, this is so thoughtful and sweet. When I read the Twilight series I was so sad at the end, I wasn't ready to be done with that love story, it took some time before I really enjoyed another book. Enjoy the wedding and Happy Thanksgiving Maureen!

Marisa said...

Those book worms are soo cute - I'm sure she will love receiving this card.

I have read the Twilight series - twice in fact LOL! Over Christmas break two years in a row. Great series. One of my favorite series is The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. They are long books but sooo good, plus there is a series coming out about it next year.

All that to say, Happy Friday :)

Aimes said...

You had me with the title of this post, Diva. I couldn't agree more! LOL!
So lovely to see you still rockin' those CBS stamps and the bookmark you've created is adorable!
I'm a fan of the Twilight books (and films) too. Glad it's not just me that took a while to get into other books after reading them! ;D

Christina said...

What a thoughtful and beautiful card! Your friend is going to love that sweet little bookmark. I absolutely have to agree with the sentiment!

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