Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby Thanks & Studio Photos


Hi friends!  It’s been a fun week getting ready for our granddaughter’s baby party we are hosting this coming weekend. I’ve been busy getting all the fun little details ready including a sweet set of thank you onesie cards.  I just love this Onesie die from Top Dog Dies.  I bought some 90 lbs 12 x 12 Bazzill white cardstock as the die lets you fold it over at the top to make a complete card.  The scalloped collar is from the Onesie Finishers Set.  It was easy peasy to make 16 cards!  Now, the only problem is that the bottom of the onesie is rounded so the card falls over when you stand it up (in a place of honour once you receive it!).  To fix this, I simply trimmed off the rounded edge on the back of the card.  You can see how this easily solves the crisis!


I have some more party details I’ll share after the party.  In the meantime, how about some studio before and after shots?  I’ve been a busy girl getting my room all ready for my new ink sprays coming next week.

Here’s how the desk looked after my last project…too many piles!


Now, it’s at least cleaned off, ready for some mixed media supplies.  My stamp area is now behind this desk over on the counter.


Here is my new work space. Funny thing is that my body still wants to stamp on the desk so I find myself turning around to work at my desk! LOL


This is where I used to die cut…


Now it’s my stamping station.



See the bank of drawers?  The top one used to hold all my felt, but it really was a waste of good useable space.  I needed it for something I use all the time…PAPER!  So I put all my felt into a basket and …


Voila!  All my neutral cardstock!  I love it!


And here are baskets of my PTI stamps, patterned paper, paper scraps, doilies, bling, etc…all close at hand!

Here is how the whole back counter looked before the reorganization.  I was desperate to clear it as it’s a very useful work space and didn’t want to take up this expensive real estate with display items and stamps.


Now it’s my die cutting area.  I also went through my ribbon and packed some away so I could make room for the new ink sprays coming soon!


Here are my shelving units, before…


and after… be still my anal heart!


The last photo shows where my lovely display shelf went…much better, by my computer so I can see all my recent lovelies!


There you have it!  My body needs to get use to the new areas, but I sure do love having it all organized again!  AND vacuumed! LOL  Have a great day!  See you tomorrow with my VLV card!



Luanne said...

Love your studio! Mine is usually like the before picture. You've inspired me to clean up....again! 😉

Lynn said...

Okay...the thank you notes are adorable. Does Ashlynn know how lucky she is to have you as her Grand Moe? :) xx

Love the studio!

Lynn said... how you think through your work spaces...and retraining my brain to do different things gets harder and harder as I get older!

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

Those thank you's are THE cutest!!! And I'm so envious of your newly organized space. It looks awesome. Will you come redo mine???? ;)

Marisa said...

Darling onesies and well done with the standing up fix :) Fabulous redo on the studio too - you can come do mine any time LOL!

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