Friday, July 30, 2010

Wild Card Challenge #6 and Holiday Photos

Good afternoon!!!  I'm back in the studio, experimenting with colour again :)  After pulling these colours all I wanted to do was go and brush my teeth!!!  How sweet and sugary is this one?  LOL  I've used this same sketch before, but I really like it.  And I've noticed that many talented card makers have their favourite sketches too and reuse them :)  I located this yummy piece of Raspberry Fizz dp from my "pink" patterned paper bag (see more info about that here) and put it up against the other colours before deciding it looked best on berry sorbet (a neutral IMHO!!).  I also wanted to use my fillable frame and die again...I love the shape, just haven't used it much.  What I love is that you can fit tons of different sentiments inside :)
Okay, onto the personal photos :)  Last week the dh and I took off for a week to enjoy the beautiful sites and food of the West Coast.  We live about 4 hours away from our Sunshine Coast.  There are several little Islands off the coast, around Vancouver Island.  We stayed in Gibsons (most famous being the location of the Beachcombers T.V. show).  for 3 nights, hoping to fish during the days, but the water was too rough.  So we had to just eat seafood from restaurants...I know, hard life!! 
 Our first dinner out was at Smitty's, not the restaurant chain, but a fabulous Oyster Restaurant.  We had  a fun bartender who also was the oyster shucker.  They played Johnny Cash tunes and the food was fabulous!! (thanks for the recommendation, Melisa!!)  His shirt says "Johnny Cash is a friend of mine!! LOL

 This was a fun sign in the restaurant.  Below is a garbage bin in the town centre.  I just loved how colourful and cute it was.  I think all garbage bins should be so pretty :)
We were fortunate to be in Gibsons on the first night of their Sea Calvacade (festival).  To start off the festivities, they blew up a big wooden boat.  You can see it here, sectioned off by the logs.  There was a smaller fishing boat beside it that had a few firecrackers go off and then BOOM!!!!!  Apparently, someone donates a big boat for the festival to blow up every year.  LOL  Then around 10:30, they had was a lot of fun:)  Okay, that's another part of our trip...a few more photos to share later...thanks for visiting :)

What's in it?
stamps: pti fillable frames #4, signature greetings
ink: pti berry sorbet, versafine onyx
paper: pti berry sorbet, aquamist, raspberry fizz, cream, raspberry fizz dp
accessories: su scallop punch, stitching, gemstones, fillable frames die #4, pti ribbon, button and twine


Marisa said...

Great use of the colour combo :D The touch of aqua is wonderful. Loved seeing the pictures! I spent many a year as a camper and a counsellor at Keats which is just across the bay from Gibsons....great memory rush, thanks!!

How fun being able to watch a boat blow up! My kids would be so excited to be able to see that. They love the show Brainiac where they blow up an old camper every week. Sorry you didn't get to fish, but sounds like you made up for it LOL!

We had our last day of swimming lessons today - phew do I smell like chlorine LOL! Son passed, daughter didn't. Darn whip kick got her. She is sooooo close. Just needs to be a bit more consistent with her movements. Broke my heart she didn't pass but I'm also very glad to have such great instructors and such a high standard of teaching.

Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing your blog hop card (or cards which will most likely be your case LOL!).

Karen B. said...

I find your challenge idea fascinating, although I might have given up if I pulled those colors. Your card is lovely, however! Great details.

Aimes said...

Seriously?!! The boat blows up?!?! You crazy Canadians eh?!? ;D I love your pics though - I need to get that T-shirt for my own guy!
Now how you mastered this challenge I've no idea - did cheating and re-picking colours ever enter your mind?! LOL!!! But you totally rocked it anyways and as you probably know, I think there's nothing wrong re-using a sketch that works *wink*
Hope your weekend is sunnier than ours!

Kristina said...

They blew the boat up?! Why not? lol It looks like you had the makings of a great trip. Sorry you didn't get any fishing in and had to put up with fine dining of the seafood variety instead. :)

After you warned me about this week's colors, I started dreading it right away. These colors are so... sweet! I have an idea, and I think I just might run with it and see how it turns out. And I love reusing sketches! I have one that I tend to stick to when in doubt... It's always a great failsafe.

I'm enjoying a weekend at home for a change. I'm headed out again for next weekend, and possibly the weekend after (hooray jury duty!), so I'm going to enjoy this one. I think the roomie and I might head to Disneyland tomorrow after church. We were both lamenting last night that it's been waaaay too long since we've gone (which really was only about 2 months ago, hehe). I think we're in Disney withdrawls!

I had to laugh at your social butterfly comment yesterday, too! I'm am so the opposite of that! The social butterfly is my sister (Which is a large part of why the wedding was so much work!). I am an extremely happy camper just being home, with a book in my hands, or some stamps for that matter. And I love the silence of an empty house... I feel like I can breathe again after a work week full of kids, parents, and co-workers. Can you say introvert?! It's actually a little hard getting motivated to go to yet another reception for my sister and her husband (still weird saying that!). I think I'm emotionally spent. But, I know I'll have a good time in the end. And it's always good to visit with my sister. :)

Have a great Saturday, Maureen!

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