Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Tags

Happy Boxing Day!! I'm am avoiding any store today...didn't line up at 2:00 am this morning for the Door Crashers...never have...thank goodness Michaels and Scrapbook stores don't have those crazy sales:) Today I just wanted to show you my tags and gift card/money holder I made for Jake. The tag shapes were cut from my Slice...I'm starting simple with it as I get used to how it cuts. The gift card holder is from this tutorial via Michelle and Julee's blogs :) I had this "Merry Christmas Dear Friend" shape in my scrap bowl so decided to use it even though it was for my son...LOL. I didn't sign it so he could use it again :) I love how the belly band fits over everything to keep it closed.

Santa was very good to me... gc to Michaels, Starbucks, AND a new hot pink (Raspberry Fizz) Canon Powershot camera!! Tony gave me my first digital camera 4 years ago when we were first dating and now I have the new and improved version...I love it because it's very similar to my old one so I won't have to spend weeks learning how to use it!! I hope Santa was good to all of you :)


Aimes said...

Well you must have been a good crafter all year to get such lovely pressies ;D I love that you refer to your camera as Raspberry Fizz in colour LOL!
Santa was good to me too - got a lovely warm coat and some pennies to buy some crafting goodies!
Your tags are so pretty - betcha had fun with your Slice making them!
The money holder is fab too and totally conquers the dreaded masculine creations! How sweet of you not to sign it so he could use it again - two presents in one LOL!

TannyP said...

Beautiful work (as usual!) I really love that sentiment inside the g/c holder and your tags look beautiful all slice'd up =)

Rec'd your card on the 24th - and it's my fave one!!! GORGEOUS - thank you. As you suspected, the sentiment was written in clear pen, but I know exactly what it says =) THANKS SO MUCH!

Winter said...

Those tags and gift card holder are so pretty! And I totally want to see this camera! Raspberry Fizz is my favorite color EVER! How neat is that, that you have a hot pink camera?! :)

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