Thursday, January 3, 2013

CARDS December Publications


Hello friends!  Well, the magic of Blogger and scheduled posts made it feel like I’ve been busy all week here, but really, I’ve been enjoying spending time with my visiting family AND helping my son move into his first place with his cousin.  I’m very excited for him as I LOVED living on my own at University and then again after he was born.  I’m back at home and doing some housecleaning in the studio.  I’ll have a new card tomorrow, but thought I’d sneak in an easy post with my projects published last month in the December CARDS magazine.  I’m so glad they picked another Frilly Flowers card…I LOVE those dies and stamps!





Okay, this next card had something go wrong in transit…can you find the problem?



What I think is funny is that they even did a close up of the broken peg!  LOL  But I’m not complaining!  Maybe it will start a new trend ;)  Have a lovely day!



Lynn said...

All gorgeous, gorgeous cards...I really love the tag. Tags stump me...not sure why! I'm going to have to come back here for inspiration!!

Tammy said...

All beautiful cards Maureen! I'm always so impressed by all of you published card makers (although I guess I'll never be published unless I submit--lol). I've squeezed in a bit of crafty time over the holidays to get some of my DT work done, but like you have spent a lot of time enjoying family (battling a cold too). Happy New Year!

Luanne said...

I've got to find that Cards magazine around here! These are all so wonderful. (you know that Frilly Flowers in on my wish list because of you!) Congratulations on all of these published beauties!

Marisa said...

Yeah for the flowers :) Great set of cards as always. I remember moving out - such a milestone and how exciting for him! Always nice for parents to see their kids suceeding too :)

Ann said...

Congrats on the pubs--they are all beautiful! Too funny about the broken clothespin--you trendsetter you! ;)

Unknown said...

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Jinny Newlin said...

LOL! LOVE the little clothespin ;)! All are so beautiful, Maureen, and even more deserving of publication! Congrats!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous cards! I'm glad I saw this, because I had a page published in Scrapbook Trends in June, where the ribbon had popped off on one side...I thought to myself "That would only happen to me!" It makes me feel better that it happens...and it's not a big deal. Your card looks beautiful in both photos :)

Aimes said...

Right. Broken Pegs. I need to get me some! LOL!
Gorgeous projects as always, Diva! You always rock every issue of CARDS! I need to get back on my submitting game...when I can find time!

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