Sunday, August 30, 2015

SAF ~ Pins & Needles, Unconventional Materials, and Make it Work Challenges


I’m back again with the last 3 cards and challenges for this year’s SAF event.  I haven’t had a lot of time this weekend to take my own sweet time and play, but I do have a whack load of cards for my stash so that makes me happy!  First up is another card for the Pins and Needles challenge.  I love to stitch on cards, but don’t think I’ve done too many stitching through the sentiment cards.  Love how this turned out!



So I think this Unconventional Materials challenge was the most fun although I wasn’t going to participate!  Isn’t that the way it always goes. It surely was the one with the best story… I needed some air this morning so I went down to the closest hardware store, Princess Auto.  First off, how do you love that name?  Is it just in Canada?


Truth be told, it felt a little weird being in there without the DH! HA!  If I HAVE to go with him, I usually spend my time playing the game I made up, “How Many Pink Things Can You Find at the Hardware Store.” Like this…


I was roaming the aisles and even had a man ask me what I was going to polish when I was looking closely at things in the polishing aisle.  It was hard to explain that I was looking for things to use in an unconventional way.  He said he was only asking because he was very good at polishing and just wanted to see if I needed help :)  Sweet!  Or maybe it was a pick up line! HA!  I finally found my items, some presto pins (no idea what they are for) and 3 bolts with a cool design on the top.


I came in just under $10 Canadian, taxes included!  With the crappy exchange, I should have been able to spend $15! LOL!


I used the tops of the bolts to create my background paper.  I stamped the image in gold pigment ink and embossed in gold powder!


Then I layered the Presto pin under the Thanks to hold it up and continue the gold accents.



The Make it Work Challenge was my last card.  I kind of struggled with this one and am still kind of thinking I want to makeover the makeover card! LOL  I had a watercolour experiment left over as well as a “Just Because” sentiment.


I made a flower out of the paper and added some autumn paper and an apple to create a teacher card, my favourite kind of card to make :)


Well, that’s all!  My last post tonight will be the finale!  Thanks so much for visiting :)  Group hug!



Lynn said...

How cool is that unconventional materials card? The background is so fabulous. Love how you were inspired for all your cards Moe.

Marisa said...

Brilliant use of the screw tops to create the bg and love how you used the clip under the sentiment. Lovely watercolour flower too.

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