Monday, July 18, 2016

Wedding Wishes

Greetings everyone!  Today's card was one I started WAY back in March!  Yikes!  I was inspired by Amy Sheffer's GORGEOUS card and had started making my own cake elements. 


It wasn't coming together for me so I left all the pieces on the counter in a pile.  After cleaning the studio last week, I finally had the headspace to come back to it.  It's not as fancy as Amy's, but I like the addition of the bows.  I had one bow in my scrap pile and just for something to do, I added it to the cake and loved it so made a couple more.  This reminds me of our 3 tiered wedding cake 9 years was DELICIOUS! 

I took a couple of photos of my clean desk...I use it for water colouring and mixed media.  My Ikea cart holds most of my mixed media materials (acrylic paint, gesso, texture pastes, gel medium, brushes, palette knives, etc).    I picked up that wooden caddy at Michaels on the weekend.  I'm thinking I'll use it to house my Zig Real Clean Colour pens.  I splurged and bought the 48 pack!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day :)  ox

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Love seeing the pictures of your desk! So beautiful! And your card...layered yet crisp and clean. Beautiful wedding card.

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