Monday, October 19, 2009

Gift Cards and Wedding Pictures

Good morning blog buddies!! I'm a little chirper on this fine Monday morning for 2 reasons...our staff meeting was cancelled Friday and it's a short week as Friday is an inservice day. I really treasure our Professional Development Days as it gives me a chance to meet with collegues and reflect on my class; what's working, what's not and what comes next :) The following photos are the gift cards I make for my sister's wine stores in Vancouver. About 9 years ago my brother-in-law (rest in peace, passed away in 2002) asked me if I would make gift cards for his store as he wasn't happy with the ones he was being supplied with. Well, it's grown since then to the larger cards as well. I love being the "official" card supplier to the stores (my sister has 3 stores now!). She also gives me complete artistic freedom! These are the Fall samples being shipped this week.

Many of you know that I went to my nephew's wedding last week. Here are a few photos of the weekend. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, albeit very cold, as they married in a local park. This first photo is of the exchanging of rings. Note the rug they are standing on. It was made by Risha's (the bride's) great great grandmother in Russia. Her Aunt in the back married them and said that of the many, many marriages performed on the rug, there have been no divorces!! I like that track record :)

This last photo is the happy couple at the reception. Next up are photos of me with my son, Jake and one Tony took of us with my camera...he's very good a centering us:) He's had lots of practice! LOL The bottom left photo is of Jake and his girlfriend and me and my dh at the open house the next day. My nephew wanted to roast a pig, with the blessing of his vegetarian new mother-in-law!! So we had a 100 pound pig roasting in an outdoor oven. I didn't post the photo in case anyone would be offended... but he was really cute :) and delicous!! The bottom right photo is just me and Jake before getting ready for the wedding.

These last photos are of the trees outside our motel on Monday morning. The sprinklers had gone off in the night and everything froze!! Aren't these the coolest photos? I love the first one with the contrast of the sky. The last one is of the grass. I love how the ice pieces look like little tubes.

Well that's all for today...hope you have a fantastic day wherever you are :)


Winter said...

I love those gift cards! Great wedding pictures too, and WOW that sprinkler water really froze didn't it?! :)

TannyP said...

You're so talented! Those gift cards are amazing and I'm sure very much appreciated.

I can't believe the sprinklers even went off...that's such an awesome bunch of photos - and you're right - the contrast of the sky & ice really is outstanding.

You all make a beautiful family =) Thanks for sharing your pics!

Marisa said...

Great pictures :D Nice to see what DH looks like too so I can put a face to him when you mention him. He has such a warm, open face, now wonder you fell for him ;D

Cute 3x3s too. Congrats to your sister on the success of her wine stores!

Laural-Lee said...

Great cards! 3 stores! That must keep you busy. Love the pictures. TFS

Maile Belles said...

Beautiful gift cards! What fun pictures, thanks for sharing them! What a very nice family you have!

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