Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's Talk Organization!

Good morning, everyone!! I thought I'd throw in something a little different today. I cleaned my desk a bit last weekend after the Verve release and took a few photos of the "studio." Though not as beautiful as Nicole Heady's of PTI or Julee Tilman's of Verve, it's my own little oasis :) When the dh and I finally build a new house on our lot, it will be a little more spiffy. After each photo I'll tell you what I love most.

My Stampin' Up! demonstrator's husband made my ink storage cabinet. I showed him a picture of it and voila! In 4 days it was made for only $30.00!! I love having all my ink facing out at me :) I also have my PTI buttons in the flat little jars lined up on the wooden shelf.

I read a thread on Splitcoast Stampers last spring about storing nestabilities. This has been the best idea for me :) I cut matte board (scraps from my BIL who teaches art at a local high school) into squares and adhered sheets of magnet (dollar store) to them. I cut out the corresponding shape to act like a file folder tab. For small nesties, I put SM on the tab and to remind me which Label die I'm using I put "L" and then the number.

Here they are all lined up in my basket!! It's so easy to use!! I love it. And it hardly takes up any space!!

Oh, I love this ribbon holder! I saw this idea on Lauren Meader's blog. It's a can holder from Home Depot!! It was about $30.00 I think. I told my dh about it and he loved the idea of going to one of his favourite stores and picking it up for me. I love it better than a spool/dowel system as I can rearrange or add more ribbon by just placing it anywhere! You don't have to take all the ribbon off a dowel. We put a piece of cardboard down on each shelf section so the ribbon moves smoothly. As you can see, it's very full...time for another one? LOL

I think this idea came from Lauren Meader as well. It's an over the door shoe holder for most of my punches. The smaller punches are in a drawer by my desk. Got it at Zellers (Canada) but you can get them anywhere. Just make sure the pockets are clear, not opaque (or you'll be returning it like I did!)

This wooden cabinet came from my school! I was looking at it during an inservice day while we were in the Gr. 7 classroom. I asked the teacher what she used it for as nothing was in it and it was collecting dust. She said it was her globe stand ;) I asked if I could have it and voila! It turned into my cardstock holder. I've organized by colour as best I can and there is scrapbook paper at the bottom as well as some patterned paper. My dh picked it up from school, brought it home, dusted it and painted the outside the same as the studio walls. Wasn't that sweet? It's housed in the closet.

A quick shot of some of my embellishment containers. Just plastic tackle boxes from the Dollar Store or Walmart.

This last photo is of a clip frame I picked up a few weeks ago at Pier 1. I thought it would be the perfect display for my newest cards. I usually line up the new ones on my computer hutch, but they fall down a lot. The frame came with 9 little clothes pins, one in each section. Looking at it now, my husband could've made one...perhaps he'll make a larger twin for it when we build :) I hope you've enjoyed this and maybe it's given you an idea or two :) If you have a wonderful storage idea, I'd love to hear about it!! Just leave a comment :) Thanks!! TGIF tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Your studio is so well organized! I need you to come and help me organize mine! ;)


TannyP said...

Holy moly, Maureen! You're hired =) You can come & organize my current disaster anytime. You've got such great ideas - it's no wonder you're inspired to create such masterpieces every time you walk in there.

Marisa said...

What a wonderful walk through of your special place :D I got myself one of those MM storage hexagons at Mike's a few months ago when they were 50% off but have to wait till Christmas to get it (told DH is going to give it to me LOL). The over the door shoe holder is next on the list (stocking stuffer). Down side is I can't hide how many punches I have anymore LOL! Thanks for the reminder to check that it's a clear one :D Great snag on the paper storage unit and I'm jealous of the stamp storage unit - it's wonderful! Will be fun picturing you in this place when we see your creations :D

Aimes said...

Thanks for the lovely tour of your studio - I loved it! I keep running to IKEA for all my crafty storage solutions though I'm yet to find something to store my 12x12 papers...hmmm might have to start looking around work (a secondary school) to see if I can nab anythin! LOL!

Winter said...

Thanks for the tour! I love the idea for your ribbon! I made the dowel rod system for mine and like you said, you have to take them all off to get one down! I have to go to Home Depot, my husband won't mind going with me now! :)

Andrea M said...

Thanks for sharing your studio and organizational tips! I have to say - I'm loving the nesties storage!!! I'm definitely going to incorporate that one :) Beautiful studio Maureen!

Janelle Stollfus said...

Maureen. Your studio is so nice. I wish I could have something like that. I'll dream a christmas dream.... Great idea on the Nestabilities storage. I'm not sure if this is official, but I saw on another blog that each die in a set is numbered 1 - n from smallest to largest.

Maile Belles said...

What a nice and inviting space to create! What a fun post thanks for sharing.

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