Saturday, July 24, 2010

Celebrate Your Day!!! My Blog Anniversary!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!  Today is the day before my first year blog anniversary!! :)  I am posting a day early as I have another post tomorrow and don't want to overshadow that one :)  Yup, a whole year...50, 000 visitors, 100 followers (lol), 7 cards published, and many nods by talented designers.  I want to celebrate by sharing a few things I've learned over the year and then by offering up the chance to win some blog candy...

Things I've no particular order....

1)  Card making blog friends are very sweet and generous.
2) Blogger can be (read "is") frustrating.
3) Love your creations, even though you may not always be "hot" or a "top pick..."  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
4) I've spent a little too much time blogging at the computer and have the chiropractic visits to prove it ;) LOL
5) If it's not working, scrap it...then get some things you love and use those
6) You don't have to try every challenge or blog hop...I pick and choose the ones that speak to me, look fun or may give me a challenge.  It can get very frustrating trying to fit into a colour challenge or sketch.
7) I've spent a little too much on my hobby but can't help it!!  I'm learning to NOT buy everything and to enjoy what I have :)
8)  I really love playing with colour now that I've started my own colour challenge (the Wild Card Colour Challenge...aka the WaCCCky).  It has made me think out of the box and learn how to make colours work together.
9) Card making feeds my soul.

I'm sure there are more things, but those are the ones that come to mind.  Okay, onto the candy....

* 2 spools of satin ribbon
* 1 pkg various seam binding ribbon from my collection :)  (from Etsy)
* 1 pkg various buttons and clips
* 1 pkg various mulberry flowers
* various fancy pants and Screen Prints paper and overlays (12x12)
* Fancy Pants About a Girl Journal, ribbon, and element stickers
* $10.00 Verve Gift Certificate (which will be emailed to the lucky recipient:)

How to win: 

*leave a comment on this post by Friday, July 30st @ 11:59 pm (PST) and tell me something!!!  An anniversary story of your own, what you've learned about card making or blogging or anything else you'd like to share...just not "nice card."  LOL This contest is open to everyone and I'll ship it anywhere in the world (it just may take up to 6 weeks out of North America, eh Aimes?  LOL).

* spread the news about my blog candy (optional)
* become a follower if you want to easily keep track of who won in a week (optional)

* the winner will be chosen by random number and announced here on the blog on Saturday, July 31st.  The winner will have 5 days to contact me ( with their name and mailing address, otherwise I'll pick another winner.

Okay then, I think that's it!!  Thanks for celebrating with me!!

What's in it?
Stamps: pti signature greetings, round and round
Ink: su choc chip
Paper: su durango, choc chip, pti kraft, cream, burmuda bay; pti dotty biscotti dp, October Afternoon dp
Accessories: stitching, gemstones, corner rounder, twine, seeing spots ef, buttons, linen thread, apron lace punch


Isha Gupta said...

Lovely blog. Well I dont have any blog ann. story as I am new but to me its nice to know people who share the same hobbies and passion is a big motivation and learning something new each day is a satisfaction in itself.
Congrats on your blog anniversary.Thanks for giving chance to win this yummy candy.I am your follower for some time now.

Anonymous said...

You are right... card making feeds the soul! Whenever I need to get away from the frustrations of life... making a card takes my mind off of everything! By the time I'm done, I'm completely refreshed :) Congrats on all you have accomplished in one year!

Anonymous said...

I love card making and scrapbooking. And since blogging I have learned so much from so many talented people. For me card making or scrapbooking is relaxing and when I get frustrated with a project I have no problem walking away from it for a while. Then when I go back to it I have a fresh perspective.

Congrats on your anniversary and all your accomplishments.

Jo said...

Not a blog anniversary BUT it was my tenth wedding anniversary this week and just got back from a lovely dinner out! Yum!!

Already a follower!

Marisa said...

I can't believe it's been a year! I remember when you started!! That means mine is coming up soon and I haven't even thought about it yet! Note to self: get on it LOL! What to tell you? Eau de Chlorine is not the most flattering scent out there LOL! Have loved chatting and getting to know you over the course of this year and hope to meet in person some time :D

TR said...

Happy anniversary! I follow your blog. I don't post much, if any. I've just been lurking around a lot lately.

Something about me.

hmmmm. I reciently closed my blog. I'd been blogging for about 2 1/2 years. Life just got to busy and something had to go.
I'm the Matron (boy does that make me sound old!) of Honor in a wedding Aug 6th!
I'm learning Portuguese .

How's that for a culmination of information :)

Nikka Geers said...

i haven't had my blog long enough for an anniversary, but my wedding anniversary is coming sept 4th. and i will be back home and not with my husband. sad. he can't come because he is in the army. But i am happy to be with him. thanks for the blog candy.

my blog is

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

Happy Blog-iversary, Maureen! I've loved stopping by and seeing your creations this past year - there's always something delightful to see! 3.5 years into my blog, Blogger is STILL frustrating! LOL But the blogging community is so sweet and I'm learning (slowly) to not measure my self worth by the number of comments I get, but by the joy I find in making the card and sharing it with others. Many happy returns!

Natalie Winterstein said...

Happy Annivesary! I have learned that I like to make cards and scrapbook but cards seeem to be a "quick fulfillment" whenI don't have the time t0 work on a layout! I am trying to lessen my tendency to hoard and not buy too impulsively but I'm still working on those!! :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards with us!

Tenia Nelson said...

So love this card and Happy Blogoversary...yay!!!

Michelle Woerner said...

Happy blog-a-versary girlie!! A whole year? Time flies by, huh!?! I have had so much fun visiting you and becoming online friends! I just past my 2 year blogging mark (which reminds me that some blog candy is in order soon!).

Oh and P.S. I do love your card, in fact, all of your cards are fun, fresh and fabulous!!

Big hugs to you!

Lynn said...

Happy blog anniversary! My year just passed on mine too..I'm on vacation this week so I'm going to do a give away when I'm back and have a bit more time. I want to share how much I appreciate you sharing part of yourself, not just your cards. Your emails about your mom's funeral service meant a lot of me and my dear friend who lost her mom this year. I am thankful that although we've never met in person, you're not afraid to reach out to others. Thank you!

And of course...gorgeous card as always!

Nancy L. said...

Congrats on your blogaversary!! I just started my blog last month :). We had our 11th wedding anniversary in April!
Love your card!

Tanya said...

I was just coming to take a peek at what you have been up to, (I stalk your blog about once a week, lol). Wow, happy anniversary! I've had my blog since the beginning of this year, so mine is still a way off. I've had fun playing in the Verve challenges with you and the other girls. Congrats girlie! :)

nanny23 said...

Hi there

I just celebrated my first year as a stamper! I love everything and want everything but have to be very careful as I will go broke! LOL
Happy Anniversary to you!

Thanks for sharing
Lynn SB

marilynwillauer said...

Card crafting is cheaper than a psychiatrist!!! I love doing any craft with my hands; it’s very relaxing, stress reducing and just plain fun to do. I’ve learned so much since I stumbled across all these wonderful blog sites with beautiful cards; plus all the new items I had to purchase. It’s a whole new world to me and I’ve so enjoyed seeing all these cards and leaving heartfelt comments for the designer to read!
Happy 1st Blog Anniversary, wishing you many years of joy crafting.
Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.
Enjoy your week.

Janine said...

Congratulations on your first year - I am thinking of starting a blog and your tips are quite true but make me wary too as I already see an osteopath! Often seen your cards on the challenges and I know I am not supposed to say it but 'nice card'

Ann said...

Happy blogoversary! You know I love your's card is no exception! :) What I love most about blogging is getting to "meet" awesome people like you!

Robin said...

I've learned how to better decorate my home by my papercafting. I think I've developed an eye for color and composition thanks to my card making.

Chrisd said...

What a great blog and today's card is wonderful work. I have a blog and I have met so many kind and caring paper crafters during my time in blog world. It is relaxing and helps during these challenging times we live in now. Happy Blogversary to you.

Tiffany Heilman said...

I love that card! It is fabulous. I have been doing the blog thing for a little over a year. I missed year one blog candy, but year 2 is right around the corner and I will have to think of something. I will have more time to think of something!

Kristina said...

Has it really been a year already? I remember coming to your blog almost immediately after you created it... I always loved your work on Verve's SCS forum, and was thrilled when you started you blog. Since then, I have consider myself blessed to call you a blog-buddy, and even a friend from across the miles. So, thanks for sharing with us all this last year! And I am SO looking forward to another inspiration-filled, WaCCky colored, friendship buildling year. :)

Aimes said...

Oh how time flies!!! Seriously, a year already?! You've achieved so much that I can't even begin to imagine what the years ahead will bring!
I love your tips and especially numbers 3 and 9! So true!
Now it's highly doubtful I'd be lucky enough to win your candy twice but I just wanted to wish you a very happy blog annivesary!
It's a pleasure to 'know' you!

TannyP said...

I can't believe it's only been a're such a pro! Here's what I've really gotten out of cardmaking - it's better to give than to receive. Seriously. It makes my heart happy =)
I love the way you've done the Verve G/C! =)

Laural-Lee said...

Congrats Maureen. I guess it would be my bloggaversary too wouldn't it? I completely forgot until I read your post. Hope you are enjoying your trip. Love the colours in your card.

Heather Innusa said...

I've learned to never say never ;). I started out scrapbooking thinking I'd never make cards - because there are so many pretties out there to buy - (why make your own?!?). I haven't dont but a handfull of scrapbook pages (with the exception of mini books) in this past year - too busy cardmaking ;)!! it's funny how things happen. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Debi said...

Hi Maureen,
It is funny that you and I started card making about the same time and you have just taken off with it. I am still "in training", but I love it. It is my downtime and often feels better than a glass of wine!! I still need huge organization, so love your organization hints ... but I have a problem of not throwing anything out. AND, it is amazing where I get my "gidgets" from ... junk mail, fruit wraps in the grocery store, t-shirts my daughter is throwing out, shiny gum wrappers, tags on clothes ... I've become a bit of a packrat cause I don't want to throw anything out - it just may have a use! I tend, though, to have an eye for my favorite colors ... silver / black / orange /shiny / sparkly!! Thx Maureen for keeping my interest peeked!

Breeonna Delaire said...

Well, I don't blog but I have learned so much from many talented bloggers. I am a proud new mommy and spend lots of time reading blogs (while I'm nursing) to pass the time. I keep a small notebook handy and sketch many of the layouts I come across including your anniversary card. I love the colors! Thanks for sharing your blog, creativity and the chance to win!!

Andrea M said...

Maureen! Happy Blog anniversary! Wow girl, you've only been doing this a year?! A-MAZING! Love your blog. Thanks for a year of inspiration and for the chance to win :) I saw that you were drawing colors for your wild card color challenge - love the idea! Do you have another site or should we just share in the comments section! Love to play along as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE playing with color too :) Congrats again!

Angel said...

Congrats on your 1st blogging year! I agree with everything you say you've learned! I truly *love* card making and wish I had more time to do it... thanks for a chance to win!

Karen B. said...

Congratulations Maureen, I like visit you via Laurel-lee's blog but now have signed on to follow. My anniversary is 12/22 and we had the birth of our first baby two years later on 12/24 so we tend to forget our special day with all the commotion!

Lily J. said...

Congrats Maureen! So happy for you, I love your cards and think you are SO very creative. I have also learned that Blogger IS very frustrating!! LOL Thanks for sharing!

Janelle said...

Wow, that was some great blog candy you were offering up, Maureen! And, here I am,... 10 hours too late. Story of my life... (haha). Anyway, happy one year blogiversary! It is an adventure and many of your learned items resonated with me... especially the last one about cardmaking feeding your soul. I definitely feel the same!
Kind of glad you've been out of town so I only had 4 posts to catch up on! All great cards, but I love the sheer ribbon on Julee's card and how you incorporated so many little details inspired by her. Makes her birthday card extra special, I think!

Anonymous said...

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