Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lucky Duck {07-07-07}


Good morning dear friends!  Thanks for coming back today!!  Today is 07-07-11…not quite as lucky as 07-07-07, the day Tony and I married, but a wonderful day nonetheless :)  Many of you know that “7” is my favourite number so when we were talking about getting married 5 years ago, it didn’t take long to realize that the perfect summer wedding (for a teacher) would be the beginning of July and on 07-07-07.  I had made this card back in March for the Verve Stamp Release of Lucky Ducky, but never posted it here on the blog, knowing I would do that later in July (today!).  Because “7” is also associated with luck, I thought playing cards would be a cool idea along with this fabulous Jennibowlin Calendar Card…AND notice which day the “7” in on?  A Saturday!!  The day we were married…meant to be or what?  I love when things like that happen.  My engagement ring has 7 diamonds on it so I included exactly 7 little gemstones on the card.  I also notice license plates with 7-7-7 on them…bet you will too now {wink!}.  Here are a few wedding pix from that day…can you guess what I’m thinking in this first photo?  My husband is soooooo fine!


We had our personal photos (without the HUGE family) taken in 2 different hay fields…needless to say there were a few bugs in the dress afterwards!! LOL  But sooo worth it :)


Anyways, I could make a long list of what I love about Tony, but I’ll spare you all that…it will sound like all the other lists people say about their husbands…so I’ll say only 2 things.  1) We can totally be ourselves with each other…he loves all the little bits about me, good, bad and silly.  2) Four years ago our neighbours asked if it felt different being married…I replied, “yes, it feels like we belong to each other now.”  Not that it didn’t before we were married, but there was the slightest feeling that something wonderful had shifted and changed and I could feel it :) Okay, one last funny thing about today.  So the “Modern” gift for a 4th Wedding Anniversary is an appliance.  I gave Tony this fabulous Cuisinart Popcorn Popper for Christmas, but he dropped it one night and cracked the bowl…so guess what he’s getting today?  LOL  Thanks so much for stopping by and celebrating with me :)  We are off to breakfast together, dropping off old household items to Goodwill, clearing out more of the basement and then a romantic dinner.  The best part is just being together all day :)


what’s in it?

stamps: lucky ducky, love notes, text objects (Verve)

ink: versafine onyx, su real red

paper: pti cream, kraft, su espresso, ruby red

accessories: heart nestabilities, ek success border punch, jennibowlin calendar card, vintage playing cards, gems


Judith said...

Happy aniversary!
You look wonderful together, enjoy spending time together today!
With many greetings from The Netherlands, Europe,

Lynn said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Tony! I love hearing about your wedding day and your love for one another. Your card is divine and I'm sure Tony will absolutely adore it.

Christina said...

Love the story behind your card and those beautiful wedding photos! Hope you have a wonderful day together!

Aimes said...

I imagine 7 is Tony's lucky number now too :)
Happy Anniversary to you lovebirds! What a fabulous card to give him - so many personal li'l additions to it!
Have fun celebrating!

Wendy M said...

Happy Anniversary, great card!!! My wedding was on 14-07-07 as 07-07-07 was fully booked but strangely as a co-incidence my engagement ring has 7 diamonds too but I hadn't thought about it until reading your blogpost very odd!!!!
Lovely wedding photos

Luanne said...

I loved hearing about and seeing your wedding day Moe! What a gorgeous bride! You sound very blessed, who needs luck? But I wish you a Very Happy Anniversary my friend! (Oh, and I love your card too... :-)

TannyP said...

Sounds like a perfect day =) Happy Anniversary! That card is absolutely perfect and the cards/calendar are awesome. Love the photos, two are perfect together!

Dee in N.H. said...

Happy anniversary!!! I love that you are still in love! Great wedding photos!

Kristina said...

Happy Anniversary (a day late)! Well, now the celebrating can go on for another day, right?!

LOVE how this card came together. I've never been quite sure about bingo cards and calendar cards and playing cards, but you worked them on this card! LOVE! We'll see if I get brave enough to try them someday.

I hope your day and evening of celebrating were wonderful!

Marisa said...

Happy anniversary a few days late :) LOVE the pictures and your dress is gorgeous with that embroidery down the one side. Years fly by, don't they!! I can't believe we are at 15!! Trusting you had a fabulous day together :)

Andrea M said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I missed your anniversary! Hope it was wonderful!!!! Your wedding pics are so BEAUTIFUL!!! You look so happy together :) I feel the same about my husband - I could make a list of the things I love :) But what you love best is what I love best - we can TOTALLY be ourselves with one another. He knows me, I know him. And girl, your dress is STUNNING!!! WOWZAS! Those hayfield pics were so completely worth it!
What a beautiful card to commemorate a wonderful occasion!!

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