Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year in Review ~ March/April

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Good morning!  The last few years after Christmas I’ve noticed many bloggers post their favourite cards of the year.  I thought that was a great idea and started to go through the 300+ posts to look for my favourites.  Not fun! HA!  So I vowed that each month, I would save the cards I loved in a file so I could do a 2012 Year in Review.  And I did! Whoohoo!  Some months have more than one favourite so I’m only doing 2 months each day.  Up next is March…my favourite month.  You’d think I would have picked a St. Patrick’s Day card, but no, this one was my favourite :)


April #1


April #2


April #3


April #4

I went a little crazy in April…too many cards that I really loved for different reasons!  April was a happy month in the studio!  LOL  I think it was all that fabulous patterned paper and new stamps! ACK!  Thanks for taking a little jog down memory lane :)  Up tomorrow…May and June!



Luanne said...

I think your Frilly Flowers card from March might be one of my favorite cards ever. I love all the white space and ribbon with the punch of color! Gorgeous!

Lynn said...

I love the hoedown card...although I haven't met your dad it makes me think of him and smile1 Gorgeous walks down memory lane :)!

sandie said...

you are so organised! Great to see your cards again. I love the dress one and remember it was this card that made me decide to get Lynn to purchase the die cut for me!
Have a great New Year x

Michelle Woerner said...

I love these year in review posts! That first card you posted is my all time favorite of yours from 2012. I super duper love it!! Hugs to you my friend!

Marisa said...

Absolutely LOVE the first card! You have me eying that set as you use that flower in so many wonderful ways. Trust you are enjoying your time off and with company leaving you get some real down time now ;)

Melisa Hunter said...

Your cards are amazing! I'm having so much fun looking back with you. I can't pick a favourite out of these! Wish I could find my mojo... ;) I should start off by casing some of yours!

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