Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Whole Lot of Happy!


Up next is the Sprinkle of Salt challenge.  Here’s the set up yesterday…


I made 2 pieces, one with white cardstock and one with watercolour paper.  I’ve used the white cardstock sample on my card…I liked the muted background for my card.


My paperclay pieces were ready to use again today so I die cut the Friendly Flower shape and then stamped the image.  It feels like it’s made out of styrofoam…very cool!  Not cool, though, was the black smudge that happened at the VERY end!  EEEK!!!  I said some “not so Christian” words when I saw that.  Hence, the extra bling in the final photo ;)


Thanks for stopping by and for tolerating all the extra posts this weekend :)



Lisa Kind said...

Love the background you created. Pretty colors. Sorry you made a boo-boo! Hate when that happens! But you recovered nicely!

Lynn said...

Oh man...way to recover from the smudge. I hate when that happens too! You placed the bling perfectly!

Marisa said...

Love the colour wash and yeah for bling to cover up some boo-boos! Looks fabulous.

victoria h said...

Your paperclay flower looks fab.

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