Saturday, August 24, 2013

Smile ~ Rolled Dough Flowers


Hey everyone!  I’m sort of using my misting sprays I made earlier and Dawn’s card as my total inspiration for this layout…can we all say GORGEOUS together?!  However, I’m using Melissa’s flower technique with the paperclay that was part of the SAF kit.  It’s really cool and you can colour it!  I have some sections drying for tomorrow, but Melissa’s technique dries much faster so I used it today.  This Pampered Chef pie pastry mat has never seen pastry yet ;)  LOL


The dh will totally bust his gut when he sees this rolling pin…I’m saving it in my apron pocket for the right moment to show him…teehee ;)  Here’s the result of me dying the paperclay…I don’t have to tell you what kiwi kiss dough on my hand reminded me of…ACK!


Notice my Ohio mug?  It’s the second one…the first one’s handle broke :(  so my sweetie and bestie, Lynn, sent me another one :)  Which reminds me, I need a refill!  LOL  See you later :)  I think I’m on the sea salt challenge!  Oh, I do this in my class!  Should be fun!



Luanne said...

Your flowers turned out WAY better than mine! Love your card and the MUG!! Thought of you often today! :-)

Lynn said...

The flowers look so cool Moe. They look like they would be really soft and smooth when you touch them. All these techniques are cool! You know how that I'm not strong on the patience side! So...drying...yikes! I'd probably mess it up waiting for it to dry! Of course I love the Ohio mug!

Marisa said...

Lovely flowers and nice splatters :)

victoria h said...

Beautiful card

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