Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sharing a special moment…


Good morning!  About a month ago, my nephew Kurt, who got married this past weekend, asked if I would make a card for him to give to his new bride, Dayle, on their wedding day.  How could I say no to such a sweet and important moment?  I was so honoured to be a part of that lovely memory.  I knew exactly which Stronger Love sentiment to use, the one I asked (begged!) Julee at Verve stamps to bring to life Verve style.  Dayle has been a fan of my cards since meeting me and visiting the studio.  I was so excited and got teary eyed making this with her in mind.  Everyone who saw the card before and after it was given all got teary eyed too…I love that! LOL   Here’s the sentiment inside… “As I have given you my hand to hold, so I give you my Life to keep..”  Need a tissue?  I know!


I packaged the card inside a vellum envelope and made an oval seal.  I didn’t take a photo of this, but the seal sentiment was, “This is my Promise not only on our wedding day, but for each day that follows.”  Both this sentiment and the one inside the card come from an old Simple Thoughts Wedding set by Cloud 9 (Fiskars).  Before I go, I’d like to share a few photos of the wedding…it was so beautiful and classy, my style all the way!


The ceremony and reception were at a restaurant down at Granville Island in Vancouver.  The huge windows showcased the gorgeous scenery of boats and autumn splendor…the perfect backdrop for starting a new life together.  My nephew never looked happier.  After the ceremony, while the restaurant staff reset the room for dinner, we all went on a boat cruise for drinks and appies.  Here’s the happy couple… it was SO much fun!


And yes, there was kissing!  For dessert, we each had our own little mini wedding cake…YUM!  I’m kind of a cake snob and this one was up there in the top 2 of wedding cakes :)


Now, not to forget me and the handsome Italian I took home that night {wink!}


There was a photo booth as well that gave us all a souvenir of the wedding and to put into the sweet little frame pillows that were used for our name places.  I loved that the automatic camera took photos like a real photo booth, but there was no little “booth” so there was lots of room to pose (and kiss!) .


So there we have it!  My second nephew to get married :)  It was such a delightful and heartfelt time.  Thanks for sharing this special memory with me. 


stamps: Verve Stronger Love, Heart’s Desire, Cloud 9 Simple Thoughts


Marisa said...

Gorgeous card and what fabulous weather they had for their wedding!! Vancouver at it's finest. Nothing better than cruising up that inlet :) You were soooo close and yet so far. One day!!

Aimes said...

Pass me a tissue, Diva. I'm getting teary eyed here!
What a beautiful card for such a precious moment. I can totally see why you were asked for such a task!
What fun you had! I'm guessing those aren't the usual spectacles that your handsome Italian wears...! LOL! ;D

Lynn said...

Kurt and Dayle's day looks absolutely perfect. What an amazing setting for their first day of their new lives together! I love their card. It is beautiful through and through. So special that he thought of having you make the card for him!

JoAnn said...

Gorgeous card. Great story and photos. It looked like a wonderful ceremony.

Bajalizzy said...

That's such a sweet card. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

Christina said...

What a beautiful card full of meaning for the happy couple! I adore the repeated heart elements and your choice of sentiments, inside and out.

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