Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Rewind!


Hey friends!  I’m working on my last paper and juggling Christmas concert, crafts, gifts and such.  With little inky time this week, I thought I would rewind to last December for a day or two while I plow through the last 2 weeks of work.  I went back to last December and found some cards I still love and wanted to share again.  This one is from December 8th.  It was the last sketch of the Sketch for You To Try Challenge last year.  I just love the colours and of course, my ribbon, bells and silver cording.  Check out the post as it shows my year long line up of SFYTT cards.  Thanks for visiting and bearing with me as I finish up my first semester and work for the year :)  You’re the best!



Lynn said...

I have one of these jingle bell beauties proudly displayed in our home as of its arrival on Saturday! gorgeous...and I love the remind...here's to papers finishing and a relaxing Christmas!

Marisa said...

Now this card has the icy feel you were talking about! -20C -- yikes!! Wonderful mix of blues and that silver doily and frosted bells are fabulous. Hang in there during the last two week rush ((HUGS))!!! Soon enough you'll be able to have a jammie day in your leapard print pants, sipping some coffee (or wine as required LOL) and surfing the net and creating.

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