Monday, February 3, 2014

You’re My Hero


Good morning, friends!  Well, Monday is upon us again and today I’m showing you the card I gave to Tony for his birthday yesterday.  It’s actually one I had submitted for publication last year but it didn’t get picked up.  I’m kind of glad as I always need a few masculine cards in the stash for special occasions such as this.  There’s no reference to “birthday” on this one, but he knows it’s his day! HA!  I wanted to remind him that he’s my hero in so many ways.  Now, I wasn’t planning on it, but look at the gift wrap for his present!  Pretty good match, eh?  It’s actually just Christmas paper!  LOL


I kept with the colour scheme and added a red bow :)


So what’s inside?  A very practical gift and one I ran past him before purchasing ;)  It’s a set of wireless headphones that he can use with the TV so I can study and write papers without hearing the TV (I know, it’s my gift too! LOL).  Thanks for visiting! 


stamps: Verve Purely Sentimental


Lynn said...

I hope Tony had a fabulous day! You know I love how clean and perfect Tony's card is! Gorgeous!

Marisa said...

Aaaah, weighted gifts are the best ;) Have done a few in my days too! Great card. Nice clean lines and fabulously masculine!

sandie said...

I love this card, so perfect for a guy and so perfectly CAS and what a great joint pressie!!

Aimes said...

I'm no editor, but I'd have picked up this fab masculine card in an instant!
Way to coordinate the wrapping too. I hope Tony noticed it!
Happy silent studying! ;D

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