Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October Rewind


Hi friends!  Time for another rewind as I now know there will be no slowing down this semester :) HA!  This was last year’s card I gave to the sweet couple whose farm we visit each year.  We’re going again tomorrow!  It’s one of my favourite field trips!  They grow white pumpkins too so I always grab one of those.  Hope you have a lovely day :)  Thanks for stopping by!



Marisa said...

Fingers crossed it doesn't rain tomorrow for your visit to the pumpkin patch. Such a fun field trip :) And there is always one child who finds THE hugest pumpkin and somehow manages to carry, roll, drag it to the wagon LOL! Hear you about the craziness of life too! Hang in there :)

Lynn said...

I hope you have a gorgeous day tomorrow for your field trip! Love all the fabulous stitching on your rewind card. You'll have to let me know how your classes are going. xoxo

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