Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Card, Die Storage and a Publication

Good morning! Today’s post is a little of this and that…some cards as well as some die storage that I worked on during Spring Break.  Up first, though, is a card I made for my colleague at work…if you follow my blog, you’ve seen the other ones in this Sunshine and Smiles series.  Well, this one is one of 4 in a set I also made.  The other ones are quite fancy so I thought I’d make 4 simpler ones for when she just wants to write a quick note.  These were so quick and easy, but I love the elegance of the flowers and pearls.  A few weeks ago, I had “organize dies” on my Spring Break to-do list.  Now my Verve dies have always been organized as Julee has labeled each die and created its own little pocket for easy storage in any container.  However, my PTI dies just come in a plastic bag so I am forever forgetting their “exact name” and just had them all thrown in a basket which was starting to drive my anal side crazy…lol.  Dawn McVey had a great idea on how to store her dies so I followed her instructions HERE to a “T.”  Here are my VERY organized dies now :D
As you can see, each die (except for the really long or big dies) has its own labeled pocket.  My anal side has put each kind of die (fillable frames, tag-it, etc) in its own colour section :)  Below here, I’ve shown 2 sets of dies to prove that each pocket will hold all 3 blossom dies or 4 leaf dies.  AND they are leaning against my beloved Janome sewing machine…it is 2 years old now and I haven’t had ONE problem with it…the best investment EVER!!  (just sayin’!).  It sewed through 35 acetate sheets and heavy cardstock like BUTTAH!!  I was the one that pooped out !! LOL
But now I have organized dies and couldn’t be happier :)  Okay, now the last part of this post is just showing the little Easter card I had published last month in CARDS.  The bit of trivia about this card is that it was turned onto its side in the magazine…don’t know if they did that on purpose or if the card stagers didn’t realize it!! LOL…no matter…but you can imagine my little chuckle when I looked at the magazine and saw the change :)
Well, that’s it for me…hope your Wednesday has started well…thanks for visiting and please, if you have a little organization tip for me, leave a comment…my anal side and I thank you in advance!! LOL

what’s in it?

stamps: verve great friend, let it shine

ink: versafine onyx, black felt pen, su bermuda bay and kiwi kiss

paper: pti white

accessories: pearls, gems


Tammy said...

Love the CAS card at the top of your post Moe--those pearls are a perfect accent!
Now that I have my Cuttlebug, I'm scared about the damage dies will be doing to my CreditCard. I'll have to be careful ;) But I love your storage (I saw it on Dawn's blog too)--you've done a great job!

Marisa said...

LOVE that CAS card!! Right up my alley :) Fabulous use of those wonderful Verve flowers.

Your PTI dies look fabulous - well worth the work :)

Can't believe CARDS too a picture of your wreath sideways??!! Would be interesting to find out why LOL!

Jen Cuthbertson said...

Love that CAS card, Moe - the greens and blues take me away on a tropical vacation!! I love your storage tip, too! My dies just rattle around in a box and I'm not sure what I have anymore!

Janelle said...

This is a wonderful card, Maureen. Love the colors, the composition, everything!
I'd forgotten about Dawn's post on organizing the dies (even though I had it bookmarked!). I definitely need to do that... my dies are dumped in a bowl and then I have to find the coordinating stamps set (esp. for Fillable Frames) to figure out what its name is. Not very efficient, for sure! My organization system (haha) definitely needs help!

Lynn said...

My goodness...this CAS card = heaven for me...I LOVE IT! about your organization...I must do it! I was in search of my banner die this weekend and have no idea where it is...I have boxes of dies, but it is a mess and yes I'm an anal girl too...must get organized! Thanks for the motivation Maureen! :)

Andrea M said...

Funny story about the card!!! It looks fabulous no matter how it's positioned :) I LOVE your CAS card!!! This is going in my "to CASE" file for sho!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Love seeing the die storage too!!!

Amy Sheffer said...

Love your cards, Maureen!! The first is so striking! Love the black frame and the blue and green combo! The button wreath on the second is adorable!

Helen F. said...

Love your CAS card, Maureen, the color combo is one of my faves. Congrats on the fabulous published card ~ it's great (in either direction) :)

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