Thursday, June 28, 2012

Congrats, Thanks, Good Luck and Missing You


Good morning!  Well, it’s the last day with the kids at work and no doubt I will get teary eyed handing out report cards at 12:00 today.  We have a lot of staff changes coming up next year so I had several cards to hand out personally to so many wonderful colleagues.  Most of these have been on the blog, but the first one is new.  We have a very funny, classy and genuinely sweet lady retiring after teaching for 36 years.  I think she’ll appreciate the “school” paper on her card.  Inside I stamped “Enjoy Life,” then added “without bells!”  Our lives as teachers are definitely run on bells, kind of like firemen!  LOL  Next up is that card I made for an inspiring colleague…she really is making me want to start my Masters soon.

You're a Class Act_thumb[1]

Next up is for our principal…I added “already” inside.  She is a true educator, not just the administrator.  She’s taken a new position at an inner city school so she can challenge herself before she retires.  How can you not admire that?  Love her and will miss her support and humour :)


Next card is for our librarian…she was also our district’s half time technology coordinator.  Her district position is now full time so I think she’ll enjoy the techie ms a la mode girl :)


This next card was waiting on our secretary’s desk with a little box of Purdy’s chocolates. 


Next up is the card for our Music teacher.  She’s challenging herself by going into a 1/2 classroom so she can gain experience at the Primary level before going into administration!  What an inspiration!


This next card went straight to our Learning Assistance teacher.  She is nothing but fabulous and amazing and works so hard for the kids.  She’s the REAL DEAL.  She just got a district reading resource position working with inner city kids to improve their literacy results.  She asked me last week if I would be a reference for her.  It was so easy to list all her wonderful qualities when I was phoned about her.  She has some very big shoes to fill.


And last, but definitely not least is the card for my Grade 2 teaching buddy.  Without her humour, insight and resources, it would have been a very long year.  She is so sweet and so giving :) And she promised me she’s staying for awhile!  I made her double dog dare promise ;)


So that’s the line up!  I really do love making teacher cards.  October Afternoon paper and the My Favourite Things a la modes make it easy and fun!  Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day!  I’m not listing supplies as I did in the original posts so if you have any questions, shoot me an email :)  Cheers!



Tammy said...

Such fabulous teacher cards! I'm sure each of your colleagues will appreciate her card. I was thinking I was only having to make 2 this year, but you just reminded me of another. I have to squeeze that one in after tonight's staff party (I'll have to make sure not to have that much fun--wink). Tomorrow's our last day; Monday was the last day with my students (final exam).
Wishing you a relaxing summer full of crafty splendour in your gorgeous craft room!! I'm looking forward to catching up on some scrapbooking and making a ton of cards!!! Unfortunately, looks like Ontario teachers will be in much of the same position as BC teachers in the fall--our contract is up and the province and many of the unions are no longer negotiating (mine still is). Time will tell, I guess. Keeping my fingers crossed that we won't go to striking action.

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

These are all fabulous, love that paper, it really makes this set stand out.

Marisa said...

You have been busy!! Know your cards will be treasured by the recipients. I got all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear about the teachers that want to challenge themselves and keep growing in their careers. Sounds like you have a wonderful staff who pour themselves into the kids that cross their paths. Love it :) My DD is beginning to think she wants to be a teacher - will see if it comes to fruition as she is still young.

We too have a change over. Both grade 7 teachers who were beyond fabulous (dang - DS is heading into that year), and my favorite teacher in the school is retiring early due to some family commitments. Both my kids had her and she is such an example to so many. Will miss her dearly as I still pop by and chat with her years after my kids have had her.

All that to say, enjoy your last day with the kids and just one more sleep until no alarm clock is necessary for a few months and the patio will be well used for morning coffee etc. :)

TannyP said...

Such a fabulously inspired post - I love each of these cards, Moe, as I'm sure they will! You're so sweet & thoughtful - it's no wonder they all love you :) Oh yeah - and most importantly for those of us who are more craftily challenged - you're an awesome inspiration with your fabulous works of art!

Tracey McNeely said...

Wow you made such a fantastic set of appropriate cards Maureen. As a teacher i know that these will be enjoyed by all the recipients.

Ann said...

Oh, wow, these are FAB! Wish we worked together so I wouldn't be the only crazy cardmaker in my school! ;)

I'm sure the recipients of these will LOVE them! I know I would!

Jen Cuthbertson said...

These are wonderful, Moe! I love the little school papers on the first one!! I just know they will all love these!!

Lynn said...

Where do I even begin with so much gorgeousness going on today? No different than any other day stopping by but WOW! I think what sings to me about this post that it is you. It is MOE! The fabulous Moe who cherishes others and the relationships you have with them. Your gratitude, appreciation and unique design for each of your co-workers/friends is truly tremendous Moe. I'm sure they are so thankful to work with you too! Hugs my friend!

Luanne said...

Wow Moe, these are all so special! Every card fits the person you're giving them to, and they will keep them as special memories of you! You are a special lady, and I'm sure your students will miss you as well! Lots of special hugs to you, and enjoy your summer!

sandie said...

what a collection of fantastic cards-all so unique and so personal. I am sure all will love them x

Aimes said...

Oh, Diva I wish we could work at the same school. Could you imagine the fun we'd have?!
Your colleagues are so lucky to have such a talented member of the team and a caring one too!
Had to giggle at the sentiment inside your first card! My working week is dictated by bells - I think I'll miss 'em if I ever get to retire...!

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