Saturday, April 2, 2016

Clearly Besotted Teaser Time ~ Day 2

Hello friends!  It’s a brand new month so that means we’re sharing some Clearly Besotted teasers with you as we countdown to the April release on April 5th!

Oh my!  How cure are these meerkats from Got Your Back?  I didn't know much about these sweet little animals so I Googled them and found these fun facts on the Live Science site.

  1.  They are found in the deserts and grasslands of Africa.
  2.  Meerkats live together in big groups. Several meerkat families may live together to form a community called a mob, gang or clan.
  3.  They live in intricate tunnel systems underground called burrows, meerkats can stay safe from predators and cool during hot days.
  4. Every morning, meerkats start their day with grooming or lying in the sun. During the rest of the day, they forage for food.  
  5.  Females give birth to one to eight babies (called pups) at a time.
  6.  The whole family, including the father and siblings, pitches in to help raise the new additions.

I especially like #4, grooming and lying in the sun, I would love that! LOL  Inspired by the fact that they live in large groups, I created my background with ALL the meerkat images in the set.  Since meerkats are so family oriented, I chose the "I've got your back," as that what my family believes in.

Thanks for stopping by!  Head over to Stephanie’s blog for some more inspiration and peeks!



Mandy said...

How cute are these little guys! Love your card Maureen. x

Michelle Short said...

Absolutely adorable! x

Unknown said...

Great card, love the background you have created :)

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