Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Destiny ~ Cinema Saturday

Good morning!! Well, I'm back at work...let's see how I do :) Today's card is for the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge. I just love these challenges as Sankari and Brooke give you lots of ways to be inspired by one really gets the creative juices flowing :) This week's film is A Knight's Tale...was I the only one who immediately fell in love with Heath Legder as soon as he came on screen? I think it was my first time seeing him in a movie...yum-olla ;) It wasn't any Oscar performance...but it didn't need to be!! LOL My card reflects the theme of destiny... I had written this sentiment down in my quote book last summer while searching for destiny quotes (I think for a Cinema Saturday card!!). Am I on a Shakespeare kick or what? LOL Typed it out again in Word in a matched Bravo Burgundy ink. I also had this blue and silver star paper that I wanted to use as well as my PTI Star Prints set. Don't you love it when a card turns out like it did in your head? Have a wonderful Monday, ugh! I even think it's staff meeting day...wish me luck!!

What's in it?
Stamps: PTI Star Prints, Background Basics Retro
Ink: SU Baroque Burgundy
Paper: silver glitter cardstock, PTI scarlett jewel; Papercrafts silver and blue dp
Accessories: PTI ribbon, gemstones, SU large star punch


TannyP said...

Oh Heath.... *swoon* =)

You did such a fabulous job of this card - a perfect sentiment and it all comes together so darn well. Awe-inspiring as always, Maureen!

Aimes said...

I agree, no Oscar winning performance in that film but Yummy-Olla indeed ;D
Loving the Shakespeare quotes - so fitting!
Hope your first day goes well!

Guylaine said...

very cute card

Marisa said...

Love the bling on the card and the pop of burgundy. Haven't seen the movie but the picture here is yummy so I'm sure the eye candy was delicious in the movie LOL! Hope your day goes well.

Laural-Lee said...

What an awesome quote.... Beautiful colours and bling.

You haven't watched Heath? 10 things I hate about you? Patriot with Mel Gibson so you get 2x the Aussie goodness?

scrapperjulia said...

This is a beautiful card! Love that quote and how it fits in with this movie!

grammie jackie said...

Absolutely Perfect quote and great color choice. You do such beautiful work.

Kristina said...

What a perfect quote for this movie. I love the whole theme of "changing one's stars." And the little bejeweled star in the corner finishes it off beautifully.

Welcome back to work! And of course it is a staff meeting day, lol. They must have put it there just for you. hehe Mine is tomorrow (fun, fun!), which always makes for a long day.

Juli Smith, SU! Demo said...

I like the color combo here - so pretty. Nice job.

Brooke S said...

Top notch as usual. I TOTALLY love the quote you used... It makes me think of the father and son relationship in this movie.. what a SWEET reunion... Fab layout.. And color choices... Great bow and heavenly usage of stars..

Miss Magoo said...

I so wish I could tie a bow like that~! I'm in awe, everything is so perfect! Great job!

Nancy K said...

This is so pretty Maureen! That verse is great and goes with the whole theme about "changing his stars". Very classy!

Sankari W. said...

Sigh! SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Maureen your creations are always stunning - I AODRE the silver starry creation!!! Simply beautiful!!! I love the inspiration behind your card and yes - I was totally a Heath Ledger Admirer after this movie! I love that you have a quote book - how fantastic! And this sentiment is just perfect for this movie!!! SIMPLY FANTASTIC!!!! Sending you a ton of love dearest Maureen!!! you are such an inspiration to me!!!!
Big hugs!!
Sankari :)

Carol Dunstan said...

what a fitting quote! Great card

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